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Actual Pack Dads Scott McCall & Derek Hale



Chris meant it when he said ‘we hunt those who hunt us.’ Because ‘us’ refers to a pack of rag-tag teens that have banded together to protect their families and friends. Because ‘us’ consists of the kids his daughter loved with her whole heart and gave her life for. ‘We hunt those who hunt us.’

And they’re hunting his pack. 

I’ll stand behind this

So when are we going to talk about the fact that, when Derek was holding him, Liam’s eyes turned normal merely by the sound of Scott’s voice?


Because I felt powerful. I felt fearless.


scott and the gang chained liam to a support beam and knocked him out and dragged him around to keep him from hurting people which is rough but also kind of canon-typical violence— but scott never once manipulated the alpha/beta bond by roaring liam into submission, instead he begged him to listen, spent the whole episode trying to talk to him and get him to come around to what he was instead of terrifying him and enforcing a power dynamic between them and that is reason #1493924 why scott mccall, true alpha, is also the alpha oF MY HEART AND SOUL


Work-in-progress! Scott ‘True Alpha’ McCall because s4 starts tonight and that called for a Scott thing. :>


Work-in-progress! Scott ‘True Alpha’ McCall because s4 starts tonight and that called for a Scott thing. :>



  • I kind of wish that people would stop saying that Scott should’ve gone to Derek after he’d bitten Liam, that Derek would’ve been better at it, and/or that Scott repeating Derek’s words is a good thing or some evidence of admiration of Derek-as-an-Alpha.
  • Like, yeah, Scott was kind of a mess in 4x04 and trying to wrangle in Liam, but that’s that’s the point?? He’s still learning how to Alpha without any help, and he’s specifically trying NOT to be like the only examples he’s ever had: Peter, Derek, and the Alpha Pack.
  • Last season, Scott didn’t get much opportunity to try and be an Alpha since he was more preoccupied trying to save his best friend. He had a few go’s at it, but Scott’s still inexperienced and people keep trying to fault him for that, like he should just naturally be amazing at it since he’s a True Alpha (which was never part of that mythos in the first place)
  • But Scott has a Beta of his own now and he’s panicking and at a loss (also, remember that he’s a TEENAGER), so he repeats the same things that Derek said to him—and obviously Liam isn’t down with it, like how Scott wasn’t alright with it a year ago either. 
  • Derek’s words make Liam distrust him even more.
  • Imagine how it’d go if Scott took Liam to Derek then, I mean, really.
  • It wasn’t until Scott stopped echoing former Alphas and started using his own words did he get through to Liam. That’s when Liam started listening to him. 

Can we take a moment to analyse this? Because there were dozens of instances were Scott could have gone True Alpha on Liam and simply roar him into obedience, like Derek did with Isaac back in season two. But not Scott, that’s not his style. Scott tried to reason with his beta and refused to use brute force to keep him in control.