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A Study in S4: Scott in “Time of Death”

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The Alphas next door discussing what to do with Derek Hale. Set between season 2 and 3. Special thanks to my beta reader lunatic922.


Scott McCall + Wolfing out

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The Teen Wolf cast talks late night shoots and staying awake.

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scott mccall to his pack, probably (via shehunters)
My recap for Teen Wolf 4x09 - Perishable






Or Teen Wolf, the Clusterf*ck

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I have to agree with everything here, except for one thing. I can actually understand why the coach didn’t chaperon the party. Only two eps ago, we had confirmation that he had a drinking problem in the past. I’d imagine that even a few years later, he would have a hard time being around so much alcohol, so he made Scott do the job instead. (though he really should have asked another teacher to do so)

Another thing I really liked, and that I haven’t seen brought up yet, is that several times this season we see Scott figuring things out. The banshee thing last episode, and now the bit with the music.

There’s a lot of people who like to doubt Scott’s intelligence, often in order to make other chars look better. So I love it whenever the show proves them wrong and has Scott figure things out, like now with the music; When he was the one who figured out how the bad guys were bringing him, Malia and Liam down.

But really, most of the Scott and/or Derek scenes in this ep were pretty good. It’s just a shame that the writers didn’t do the same with the other half of the episode; (and they really should have given that scene with the money trouble to Scott and Melissa, especially since right after, we see Scott counting the money.)

Crap, I totally forgot about the drinking problem. But there should’ve been at least one teacher around (Lydia’s mom? Random math teacher?) since they were in school grounds. There could’ve been legal problems, actually. 

And yes - thing is, I’ve never doubted Scott’s intelligence. He is on track for a medical career, whether it’s nursing, vet, or doctor - and you need to be sure of your intelligence in order to get into those careers. He’s always figured things out, and yes, the show does a CRAPPY job at showing us his intelligence, so it was definitely a great showcase. It’s just that since I’ve never doubted it, I don’t feel like it should be brought up, but you are right. Particularly because I would’ve expected Malia to say something on the idea of “Do you hear that?” since she’s supposed to be far more attuned to her preternatural abilities for all the time she’s spent as a coyote. 

Also, I have no idea what’s going on with her storyline. So she heard Peter, flipped him the bird, and now decided to drink? That’s alright, if she’s decompressing, but if next episode we don’t see her talk to the pack then I’d be worried about what’s her role. 

I’m guessing that the security guards present, were supposed to keep an eye on things so the students didn’t get themselves in trouble drinking too much. It’s not the coach’s fault that they turned out to be bad guys instead.

As for Scott’s intelligence, I’ve never doubted it either. But there’s a lot of socalled recappers who like to keep making comments on how Stiles is supposed to be the brain of the group, all along making digs at Scott’s intelligence. So I really do appreciate every single moment in the show that proves them wrong.

I kinda liked that scene between Scott and Malia, showing that he does still care for her and sees her as part of the pack, even when she isn’t with Stiles. And really, Peter ‘is’ a master manipulator, so it’s nice to see her starting to question things. In fact, I’d probably distrust her more, if we didn’t get to see scenes like these.

my only thing is, that right now I’m in two minds on one thing. On one side, I want Mason to meet Danny and get the lacrosse player he’s been hoping for. but on the other hand… I don’t want to pair them up just because they both happen to be gay…So I’d need to know more about Mason to judge if I’d pair the two of them.

I’ve been really surprised so far by how much I’ve been liking Liam’s storyline and his character. I, like many others, expected him to be Jackson the sequel. And instead he’s actually slowly becoming a favorite of mine. I just love him and Scott whenever they’re in a scene together.

That’s because Liam has been written greatly, and not as a Jackson substitute. The way I did feel Cora regarding Erica (even though I like her, it was painfully obvious she was brought as a replacement) and that’s why I’m, if bitter about it, at least happy that Malia is Peter’s daughter because it keeps her from being the third iteration of the character, and actually compounded with her tendency to see the most pragmatic survivalist ideas and the fact that she is trying so hard to get reintroduced to society, I am happy with her as a character as well. 

However, we don’t know anything about Mason besides he’s Liam’s friend and he has the hots for lacrosse players. Yes, it would be cool if he gets paired with Danny but a) it won’t be this season because Davis didn’t think that far ahead and b) I am wary of Danny since he knew and didn’t try to help Jackson. I don’t need an excuse, I don’t need him to be chastised, but I do need him to tell us why. Even the whole “I was afraid for my life” is enough for me, but I need some acknowledgement from him. Or even better, he’s the one organizing the not-supernaturals into some sort of protection, far away from the supes. 

And for the amount of economic troubles everybody in Beacon Hills seem to be having, it’s ironic that the once every four weeks demolished school is the one with budget to hire an outside security company instead of, you know, have the PTA volunteer parents and half the staff there. 



What happened to the gun?

You’re covered in gasoline.

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Really messed up that we have known that the McCall’s have been tight on money since fucking season 1, but for some reason we’re getting a big emotional scene between father and son now that they are short on money for the first time probably in their entire life. Instead of what would have been a great emotional scene between a single mom and son who have been struggling double shifts and a part time job since season 1. I’m not here for this shit…

#fucking honestly tho #like i really don’t give a shit about ‘sTILINSki faMiLY fEelz’ or whatever the fuck #and what the fuck did that scene even give us #we fucking know stiles already wants the money #if it was a melissa/scott thing it’d show scott considering the money more and more #but i fucking bet we’re just gonna get scott being like ‘ok fine we’re keeping the money’ #and it’ll make no sense bc he was against taking the fucking money and then bam stiles has tears in his eyes #and he’ll keep the fucking money #but i guess white males and their bullshit #will always be more important then women and poc #jfc #teen wolf #tag rant #idk i’m pissed [x]

#yes yes yes yes #fucking yes #i mean like yes fine i connected to the scene bc my mom and i have had that fight before #about who is taking care of who #but it would have meant 100% coming from melissa #like this show has its head so far up its own fucking ass trying to give all the white guys #the stories that should be going to the poc characters #there was no fucking need for this

The taking care of part bugs me especially because we’ve see the lengths Scott has gone through to help his mother out previously. Not wanting her to miss a shift, buying second hand formalwear, living without a phone, taking a job of his own and saving money to get his own stuff etc, her possibly refusing help from his father. Focus on the McCalls long-standing money issues makes more sense than the shoehorning of Stiles and Lydia (two families that were seemingly doing fine financially till 10 minutes ago - afterall, what 16 yr old accepts a $1500 car repair without even blinking).